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PRESTAR Trolley NG-S402

RM 1,990.00


Platform Trolley are a highly versatile platform trucks used in Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail, Resorts, Deliveries, Hosptals, Schools, Colleges. 

• Available in With Stopper (NG-S402) / Without Stopper (NG-402)
• Bolt-on fixed handle for solid feel
• Ergonomic design for protection from work place injuries
• 150mm diameter Bearing Castors provide smooth, quiet rolling action
• Double pressed metal decking and thick robust tubing.
• Non-slip matting and rubber bumpers are machine fitted to guarantee longevity
• Simply depress the foot pedal to apply or release the parking brake
• Pressing the brake pedal engages the stoppers on the left and right wheels, putting the hand truck into a parked state

Code : NG-S402 (with stopper)
• Load Capacity : 400 kg
• Weight : 35kg
• Loading Face : 1140 x 790mm
• Platform Size: 1275 x 790mm
• Handle Height : 830mm
• Castor : 150mm
vFloor Height : 240mm