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Wing Board System WWB

RM 1,050.00
  • Ideal for rooms with limited wall space
  • Separated pentray included for easy access to markers & erasers
  • 2 wing panels open up to create a large wriitng space to share more information within limited wall space
  • Magnetic lock to secure panels
  • Custom combination of whiteboard & chalkboard can be made
Centre Board SizesWing Board SizesOpened SizesFolded Sizes
120 cm120 cm60 cm120 cm240 cm120 cm120 cm120 cm
150 cm120 cm75 cm120 cm300 cm120 cm150 cm120 cm
180 cm120 cm90 cm120 cm360 cm120 cm180 cm120 cm
240 cm120 cm120 cm120 cm480 cm120 cm240 cm120 cm